Nea Chora

Nea Chora beach is the closest beach to the city of Chania. With shallow waters suitable for young children and with organized tourist infrastructure, it is one of the favorite beaches of the residents of Chania since the access can be done even on foot. The beach also has accessibility facilities for the disabled. Having an array of rocks 200 m from the shore, the beach is completely protected from bad weather and meltemia. Just opposite the beach there are a number of taverns where the visitor can enjoy fresh fish. Every summer, on the first ten days of September, the Sardine Festival takes place on the beach of Nea Chora, which attracts thousands of visitors to whom free plenty of fish is distributed.

Chryssi Akti (Golden Beach)

The name of this beach testifies to the intense golden color of its beach. Its advantage is the fact that it is very close to the city of Chania and is not affected by the northwest winds. It is one of the most ideal options for families, as it also has a playground for young children.

To get here: not very far from the city center, either on foot or by bus, to get here.

Agii Apostoli

Agii Apostoli is located about 4 km from the city center of Chania on a small peninsula with successive small coves. Access is very easy as there is regular transport from Chania, while there are many who arrive here by bicycle.


Everything you need for couples because of its romantic sunset – it is not unjustly characterized as “the beach of lovers”! It is located 15 minutes from the center of Chania by car, it is organized (in taverns and cafés), it has very thin sand andalmost never wavy, making it ideal for families and children.

To get here: by car, follow the route to the airport, the intersection that you will encounter will take you to Marathi.


At a distance of just 16 km. from the center of Chania is the beach of Stavros. In essence, these are two beaches. Here, is where scenes were shot of the famous “Alexis Zorbas” with Anthony Quinn. There are many options offered here, such as cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels.

To get here: follow the road to Akrotiri and continue after Kalathas.

Seitan Limania

At a distance of 22 km. northeast of Chania and 2 km. east of the village of Chordaki, east of Akrotiri, meets this specific coast. It is also called Stefanos Beach. Sea strips penetrate the vertical wild rocks creating creeks. One of them is this beach, which in its beautiful, deep blue waters is a location of unparalleled natural beauty.

To get here: You will drive about 15΄ from Chania to the airport and then follow an inaccessible footpath (about 10΄).


At a distance of about 60 km. west of Chania you come to the beach of Falassarna. The white, fine sand, the crystal clear waters but also its great length are what make it unique in all of Crete, while the huge hills that often rise here make you feel like children again!

To get here: choose the highway to Kissamos and head towards Platanos. Then follow the “Falasarna” signs.


The landscape here is reminiscent of exotic Pacific islands but at the same time combines the nature of Greek nature, being an unprecedented setting for the country.

Breathing is the cape of Gramvousa and the smallest Tigani, the blue-green waters become “one” with the sky and the rocky landscapes, creating idyllic images that make you fall in love with Balos from the first dip!

To get here: following the highway Chania – Kasteli, and you will reach the local road that leads to the beach after 46 km. You continue on the dirt road for another 8 km. and then you go down the path, which is about 20 minutes from the sea.

The slope is quite steep and needs a lot of attention. Alternatively, daytime cruises from the port of Kissamos are carried out by day cruises on a boat.


Here a pink rug made of small shells, crystal clear, shallow waters, golden iodine explains why this beach is one of the most beloved in Crete. The route is a bit difficult, as it has many turns, but it’s worth it! Plus, the deckchairs and sun loungers are available for anyone interested.

To get here: you will head to Kissamos, follow the signs and reach Elafonissi in about an hour.